We are Flow Video.

Justin Wedes

"Everything we’ve built started like this; just an idea that someone needed to share."

Jamie Savalle

"It’s honestly chaos wrangling actors, locations, cameras, and crew. Without all that, there’s no video. But I get to make it look easy."

Steve Pankotai
Director of Post Production

"After every video shoot we have this big puzzle. I get to find meaning in the connections between each piece. I call it 'solving the story.'"

Devin Polaski
Creative Director

"I make videos because I can’t help it. It’s writing, it’s capturing images, it’s sound, it’s music; it’s everything I love in this perfect little capsule."

Elise Ritschdorff
Video Editor

"Editing stories is like a playground. I can experiment, see how things go together, thread in music, and start to sculpt this entire narrative."

Ava Bernacki
Animation Designer

"It’s also just fun. I’m not bound by what we can capture with a camera. I get to build entire characters and worlds. I can let my creativity soar."

This is how we flow.

Our Mission

We exist to craft unforgettable experiences for our clients and their audiences: inspired marketing strategy and design, top-notch video production, and immersive live events.

Our Core Values

Integrity //
“Do what you say you’ll do. Be who you say you are.”

Excellence //
“The quality of your work, and the tenor of your interactions, matter above all else.”

Joy //
“If it’s not fun (most of the time) you’re not doing it right.”

Our Vision

Flow Video opens space for discerning organizations and brands to experience the power of branded storytelling. We recognize that the branding journey is one of self-discovery and reinvention for bold leaders. We recognize that authenticity matters more than gloss, emotion more than polish, and that the marketplace of ideas is where customers, donors, supporters, and brand advocates are won and lost. Our clients’ success is our success.