Flow Video is built on a simple idea: that a great story connects audiences to higher meaning. 

The story of every organization centers on its people, the work they do, and why it makes the world a better place. We think video is the ideal format for sharing these stories.

Video is informative and functional, yet immersive and beautiful. And it’s how digital natives learn about the world. Video is the shining star, and several planets revolve around it: live events, branding, websites, podcasts, game design. We harness the tools of modern storytelling that serves our client’s goals and delights their audience.

We’re serious about our craft, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We like to think that’s why our clients love working with us (and share us with all their friends.)

This is how we flow.

Best Company of 2021 by Detroit Times


Best Company of 2021 by Detroit Times

This company rules

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Justin Wedes


Justin Wedes is a social entrepreneur and digital storyteller with more than a decade of experience managing fast-paced teams that execute innovative marketing and branding campaigns. He has appeared on The Colbert Report and CNN with Wolf Blitzer.

Jamie Savalle

Lead Producer

Jamie is a media marketing specialist, logistics master, and an expert at building client relations. She drives business for brands and connects with her clients. In her spare time, you can find her throwing a frisbee, cooking with her family, or in her garden!

Jacob Cipriano Mendez

Creative Director

Jacob Cipriano Mendez is a creative strategist focused on thoughtful storytelling. An award winning filmmaker, he leads passionate creatives while striving to live by a purpose--to entertain, support & inspire. If he isn't working on media projects, he's building something out of wood, listening to synthwave music, or convincing friends to sing karaoke.

Steven Pankotai

Director of Post Production

Steve Pankotai is an Emmy-nominated editor responsible for bringing footage together into remarkable videos. In his spare time, he's a bestselling game writer who watches cartoons.

Elise Ritschdorff

Video Editor

Elise is an experienced video editor who loves the art of storytelling, and is passionate about stringing together compelling narratives that influence and inspire audiences. When not editing, Elise loves to travel, hike, kick-box, and enjoys terrible films.

Ava Bernacki

Animation Designer

Ava is a 2D and 3D artist and animator, and occasional game developer, who loves bringing art and interactive media to life. In their free time, you can find them playing with her dog, making and playing video games, or traveling the world.

Celeste Peake


Celeste is a coordinator extraordinaire with a passion for the arts. She will tackle any challenge that comes her way. You might also find her singing opera, boxing, or baking the best sourdough bread you'll ever taste.

“The final video surpassed my exceedingly high expectations.”
Bill Good
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“The final video surpassed my exceedingly high expectations.”
Bill Good
“Instead of just working for us, they’ve made it evident that they care for our cause.”
Jo Rosen
“I just watched our video twice and am holding back my tears. It makes me so proud.”
Susie Leemaster
“I really felt attended to. I am confident this event would not have gone off as seamlessly without your careful attention to detail.”
Max Arad
“Everybody loved the video! One board member cried.”
Sue Salinger

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