What Makes an Event Recap Video Great?

When the last guest steps out and your staff close out the event register, most organizations sigh a collective breath of relief and move on with life. Great ones don’t.

That’s because visionary leaders understand that the real work begins the day after the big event. Corralling and nourishing the goodwill and excitement that a well-produced event generates is the great task for any organization, and one of the most effective tools is the event recap video.

What is an event recap video?

An event recap video is a short video, typically 1-3 minutes long, that encapsulates the essence of an event. A professional videography team captures all the sights and sounds: featured speakers, performers, audience reactions, positive emotions, and much more. Then, a skilled editor takes the engaging footage, session soundbites, featured moments and custom graphics and pairs them with captivating music and overlay graphics or text to produce a cohesive and beautiful product. The result: a snapshot in time.

Why have an event recap video created?

Our clients spend weeks, months, even years putting together their perfect event. With an event recap video, the highlights can live on forever. The video acts as a brief summary that can be easily shared across any digital platform. Share it on social media to increase visibility and brand awareness. Send it to event attendees as a “thank you” email for coming, and give them a way to remember the event and pass it on to their personal connections (who may or may not have also attended, donated, signed up…) Having quality video documentation can also serve as marketing material for your next year’s event, or a tool to show current and future event sponsors the value of events in order to increase or retain funding.

What makes Flow Video’s event recap videos extraordinary?

What makes Flow Video the best choice for event recaps is our quality, care, and coordination.

High production value is essential to communicate the pride that your organization takes in its events and its people. Anything less could convey a sloppiness not just in video production, but in event planning itself!

We care deeply about our clients. We pride ourselves on seeking out clients that are making a difference in the world and are passionate about their work. (We take our mantra “Video with a Higher Purpose” very seriously!) We spend time researching, asking discovery questions, and diving in deep with the client to fully understand their brand and mission so that we can be as passionate about it as they are. Anything less is below us.

Our coordination and communication is top notch. We do everything in our power to make the process as easy as possible for you with detailed communication at every step of the way. You are able to contribute to each aspect of the project as much or as little as you would like, while we work our magic to capture your event and put together something you can cherish.

And, while you’re planning your next event: consider also our live event production services from live-streaming to event A/V, design-build projects, and interactive experiences.

-About the author-

Justin Wedes

Justin Wedes is CEO of Flow Video and a social entrepreneur and digital storyteller with more than a decade of experience managing fast-paced teams that execute innovative marketing and branding campaigns. He has appeared on The Colbert Report and CNN with Wolf Blitzer.